Why Hire An Interim Leader?

With the driving forces of today’s economy, the ever changing business environment, and the retirement of baby boomers, companies need a leaner, more productive organization that holds the ability to remain stable yet react quickly to the rapidly changing marketplace. In response to these business dynamics, our Interim Leadership services can provide your business stability, continuity and solutions during leadership recruiting and hiring. Business leaders are finding that Interim Leaders can be essential during critical periods of a company’s life, including the stages of start-up, turnaround, growth, or internal change.

How Long Does an Interim Leader Work With a Business?

The length of time a temporary leader works with you may vary depending upon your needs.  Interim Leaders are experienced leaders who are hired for short periods of time to accelerate growth, to temporarily fill a leadership vacancy, or to solve a key business issue. We help you determine the best length of time you may need to accomplish your goals.

What Costs are involved with an Interim Leader or Director?

The cost for an Interim Executive placed with you by PeopleFirst can make economic sense to you and your organization.  We have varied levels of service and the cost to you would be reflective of that solution.  In order for us to give you a proposal and cost figure, we need your requirements for the workload, the objectives you want to obtain, and the length of time this individual would be serving you.

How Do I Find or Recruit an Interim Executive?

We have created a pool of candidates to provide you with Interim Leadership that are from several industries and organizations with specialized skills, knowledge, and experience, both domestically and internationally to enhance your business.

Our Interim Leaders will have successfully served in a C level (CEO’s, President’s, President/Owners, etc.), V level (Vice-President’s, COO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s, etc.), or D level (Directors, Executive Directors, middle managers, etc.) leadership positions.  

Employment Opportunity

PeopleFirst HR Solutions is currently searching for experienced business leaders with no current work commitment to serve as Interim Executives to local organizations/businesses in the La Crosse area. Interim Executives are hired through PeopleFirst for a limited period of time in order to provide businesses with assistance in accelerating business growth, filling leadership vacancies, or solving business issues. Length of time for each engagement varies based on each business/organization’s needs and goals.

The ideal candidate must have successfully served as a C level (CEO, President, President/Owner, etc.), V level (Vice President, COO, CIO, CFO, CMO, etc.), or D level (Director, Executive Director, middle manager, etc.) leader.

Interested professionals should submit a current resume to Gary Schettle, one of PeopleFirst’s Managing Partners, at gschettle@peoplefirsthrsolutions.com